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Fintech Commercial Banking

FinTech’s next big stop: Corporate banking

When looking at innovation in fintech, many commentators fail to realise that the financial services industry comprises a diverse set of sectors. These are...

Banking 2018: Trends & Conclusions

The past year has witnessed great change in the landscape of the banking sector, with the decrease in deal volume and the proliferation of...

The transformative influence of technology on payments in Asia

If there is anything to be gleamed with the early 2010s is that emerging technologies can have a significant role in disrupting industries around...
Bank Negara

Bank Negara kicks off fintech sandbox

Bank Negara has approved four firms to operate within its “regulatory sandbox”, marking a significant milestone in the growth of financial technology (fintech) in...
Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

After nearly 20 years of trying and billions of dollars in investment, why are organizations are still struggling with cybersecurity? In fact, the problem...


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