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The First Bangladesh Financial Innovation Forum: Five Findings

Financial Innovation Forum
In the fast moving, rapidly changing financial services landscape of Bangladesh, where the regulators are holding all institutions to a world standard of risk mitigation and transparency, a highly unlikely event happened this week. The top leaders of many of the largest financial services providers...

Industry-Academia Collaboration in Shaping the Next Generation Bankers

Industry-Academia Collaboration in Shaping the Next Generation Bankers
Technological innovation will drive a radical transformation of the banking workforce. It will eliminate, evolve and create roles across the business. Employee’s capabilities must evolve as rapidly as technology itself. One banking job out of two will disappear over the next 10 years. Yes,...

The [Financial] World is not Enough

The financial world is not enough
Every day the news on the country’s financial industry disappoints me a little more. The news is full of tragedy and disappointment, from banks failing to maintain required provisions against classified loans to thousands of crores of capital shortage in banks - there’s no end to...
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