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What is FinTech and why Google and Facebook could be the banks of the future

Uk Fintech
Earlier this month, Chancellor Philip Hammond appeared at the inaugural International FinTech Conference. “We are on the brink of yet another industrial revolution,” he announced to a crowd of avid listeners. “FinTech will transform the way we live and do business. “Whether it is cashless transactions between...

Fintech could be bigger than ATMs, PayPal, and Bitcoin combined

FinTech could be bigger
We’ve entered the most profound era of change for financial services companies since the 1970s brought us index mutual funds, discount brokers and ATMs. No firm is immune from the coming disruption and every company must have a strategy to harness the powerful advantages of the...

What You Can Expect From FinTech in 2017

Financial technology may still be in its early stages, but 2016 was nonetheless a whirlwind year for the FinTech world. And it’s about to get even better. According to the annual FinTech Report, cumulative investment globally will exceed $150 billion in 2017. Here’s what experts...

5 hottest trends in FinTech

5 hottest trends in FinTech
The term “Fintech” has ubiquitously entered the arena of the financial industry and certainly looks as if it’s a term that is here to stay. While technology isn’t by any stretch something new to the financial industry, the “fintech” trend more accurately refers to...

China, Blockchain & The Holy Grail of Marketplace Lending

China, Blockchain & The Holy Grail of Marketplace Lending
When one of the world's largest corporations gets together with one of its largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders, you can almost hear the market sit up. That's what happened last week, when Chinese conglomerate Foxconn joined forces with P2P lender Dianrong to launch a blockchain platform...

The [Financial] World is not Enough

The financial world is not enough
Every day the news on the country’s financial industry disappoints me a little more. The news is full of tragedy and disappointment, from banks failing to maintain required provisions against classified loans to thousands of crores of capital shortage in banks - there’s no end to...

IT Outsourcing – Driving Technological Innovation for the Banking Sector?

IT Outsourcing
Businesses in all industries across the globe, both large and small, are increasingly incorporating technology into their operations in order to improve efficiency, lower costs and generate higher returns. The adoption of outsourcing in the banking sector across various business functions—the so-called business-process outsourcing...

Enabling banking technology infrastructure ride and survive the Fintech wave

Enabling banking technology infrastructure ride and survive the Fintech wave
Financial technology has been the cornerstone of delivering financial services for over a decade. What started as an attempt to link multiple branches through a single core banking system quickly evolved involved into a string of applications designed to improve customer service, centralize and...

Innovations in customer identifications & verifications in the digital era

“Know Your Customer” or KYC as it is popularly known in the banking circle is the very first activity that a bank performs when a bank onboards a new customer. In simple terms, a customer MUST prove his or her identity to the bank...

Is regtech the new fintech?

Is regtech the new fintech?
With mobile apps, banking automation and blockchain already transforming financial services, financial institutions are now looking to regulation technology, or regtech, to meet compliance requirements. But technology has been used to address regulatory requirements for some time now, so what’s new and exciting about regtech?...
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