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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending: Banking Without Banks

P2P Lending
Sharing is a good thing, we learned in kindergarten, but that wisdom was soon called into question by the grown-up world of getting and spending. Now, new age capitalism has spun out a wonderful invention: the “sharing economy,” which holds out the promise of...

China, Blockchain & The Holy Grail of Marketplace Lending

China, Blockchain & The Holy Grail of Marketplace Lending
When one of the world's largest corporations gets together with one of its largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders, you can almost hear the market sit up. That's what happened last week, when Chinese conglomerate Foxconn joined forces with P2P lender Dianrong to launch a blockchain platform...

A new way to pay: the technology giving banks a run for their money

A new way to pay
Saving money requires constant vigilance, someone always on your shoulder, nagging you not to splash the cash. And the one thing most people have with them all the time is their smartphone. New services, from banks to exercise studios, are tapping into technology to disrupt...

FinTech and the rise of collaboration rather than competition

FinTech Collaboration
Disruptive technology - or fintech - has been garnering tremendous interest in the financial services sphere. The potential impact of fintech on conventional business models can be huge, at least in theory. Fintech was included in Investopedia's Top 10 Terms of 2015 and the industry...

Fintech could be bigger than ATMs, PayPal, and Bitcoin combined

FinTech could be bigger
We’ve entered the most profound era of change for financial services companies since the 1970s brought us index mutual funds, discount brokers and ATMs. No firm is immune from the coming disruption and every company must have a strategy to harness the powerful advantages of the...

5 hottest trends in FinTech

5 hottest trends in FinTech
The term “Fintech” has ubiquitously entered the arena of the financial industry and certainly looks as if it’s a term that is here to stay. While technology isn’t by any stretch something new to the financial industry, the “fintech” trend more accurately refers to...

The First Bangladesh Financial Innovation Forum: Five Findings

Financial Innovation Forum
In the fast moving, rapidly changing financial services landscape of Bangladesh, where the regulators are holding all institutions to a world standard of risk mitigation and transparency, a highly unlikely event happened this week. The top leaders of many of the largest financial services providers...

Online Small-Business Lending Is Set to Bounce Back

Online Small-Business Lending Is Set to Bounce Back
For online business lenders, 2016 was a rough year. Two prominent fintech companies saw their market valuations drop. One small-business lender abruptly stopped issuing loans temporarily due to performance issues, while another was forced to shut down. The industry as a whole faced heightened skepticism...

IT Outsourcing – Driving Technological Innovation for the Banking Sector?

IT Outsourcing
Businesses in all industries across the globe, both large and small, are increasingly incorporating technology into their operations in order to improve efficiency, lower costs and generate higher returns. The adoption of outsourcing in the banking sector across various business functions—the so-called business-process outsourcing...

The Impact of AI on FinTech’s Future

The Impact of AI on FinTech's Future
It’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is already one of the defining trends in fintech in 2017 and an increasingly popular buzz word in the industry. Businesses are gradually understanding the importance and benefits of machine-learning technology. Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban has boldly claimed that...
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