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Thursday, June 17, 2021


The First Bangladesh Financial Innovation Forum: Five Findings

Financial Innovation Forum
In the fast moving, rapidly changing financial services landscape of Bangladesh, where the regulators are holding all institutions to a world standard of risk mitigation and transparency, a highly unlikely event happened this week. The top leaders of many of the largest financial services providers...

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending: Banking Without Banks

P2P Lending
Sharing is a good thing, we learned in kindergarten, but that wisdom was soon called into question by the grown-up world of getting and spending. Now, new age capitalism has spun out a wonderful invention: the “sharing economy,” which holds out the promise of...

The [Financial] World is not Enough

The financial world is not enough
Every day the news on the country’s financial industry disappoints me a little more. The news is full of tragedy and disappointment, from banks failing to maintain required provisions against classified loans to thousands of crores of capital shortage in banks - there’s no end to...

Innovations in customer identifications & verifications in the digital era

“Know Your Customer” or KYC as it is popularly known in the banking circle is the very first activity that a bank performs when a bank onboards a new customer. In simple terms, a customer MUST prove his or her identity to the bank...

Finance and Technology  – The Coming Tsunami

Fintech Tsunami
Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan famously remarked to his wall street colleagues “Silicon Valley is coming to eat our lunch”. The anxiousness of disruption (by startups) at the corridor of large global banks is palpable. Different banks are reacting to this is in different...
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