Financial Forum Bangladesh


Financial sector is essential to the promotion of a successful and sustainable economy especially in a low-income country like Bangladesh. Sound and efficient financial markets can ensure that resources are allocated where they are most productive, assisting job creation and spurring economic growth.

What is FFB?

FFB is a not-for-profit platform that engages different types of financial institutions of the country; assist them in their journey to reach the next level focusing on knowledge, innovation, global best practices, and new ideas. It is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.
Our goal is to prioritize knowledge capital in the financial sector because it promotes development in all other sectors. The Forum is committed to engaging the foremost financial sector and other leaders of the country to shape industry agendas.

Why does our work matter?

Today’s world is an interconnected system straining under the burden of its own complexity. We see numerous factors combining to make the environment more unpredictable and difficult to navigate. Technological change is disrupting our economies and changing the nature of our businesses in ways that are both unpredictable and complex. We will witness more technological changes over the next decade than we have seen in the past 50 years. Young generation is demanding to be heard. Young people increasingly see decisions being made at the expense of their future.
Each of these factors and many others require a new kind of institution – one with the adaptability, the entrepreneurialism and the trust of all stakeholders – that can bring together people who have the power to make change, to achieve mutual understanding and empathy, to come to common agreement and, where appropriate, push action forward.

What makes us unique?

Deeply anchored in the financial sector, FFB is the only Bangladeshi organization aiming to serve this role, bringing together the country’s foremost CEOs, regulators, policy-makers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators and representatives of civil society in an impartial space with the aim of driving positive change.
The Forum is unique in this regard because we are:
We have no ideological or commercial interests. This does not mean that we are neutral – we are committed to improving the nation in ways that are objective, measurable and sustainable.
We actively invite perspectives from all interested parties. We believe that the challenges can only be solved through engagement with all members of the society.
We focus on the long term, not the emergencies of the day. Success is measured not only in terms of immediate results – we understand that real progress takes time and sustained commitment.

What are our key areas of focus?

We focus on three key strategic challenges:
Innovation in Financial Inclusion
Discuss Issues in access to formal financial services in the context of financial inclusion, and provide experiences in developing effective policy, legal and regulatory environments in promoting innovations in cost effective formal financial services outreach. This session will also present recent technology innovations including mobile and branchless banking and find ways to promote technology innovations.
Innovation in Financial Services and FinTech
Analyse the current state of innovation in financial services in the world, how important it is for us to drive innovation and the future of banking, insurance and FinTech
Skills Development
Discuss challenges and way forward for financial industry to address the scarce skilled professionals to meet the growing need of economy.