I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved – B. R. Ambedkar
In this 21st century, one is inclined to think that as the society has reached the apex of development, there is gender equity in every walk of life. However in reality, a significant discrimination against women exists starting from family life to professional life. For example, career-oriented corporate ladies in their prime often quit their jobs after getting married or giving birth to the first child.
Nibedita, which is a comprehensive Insurance scheme for women, launched by Green Delta Insurance, the first AAA rated and leading Insurance Company in Bangladesh had something unique to offer. Nibedita is the first female insurance product in South East Asia. Living in a male dominated society it’s often a challenge for women to live independently and be empowered. This is where Nibedita stepped in. Nibedita works as a support partner for women to help them reach their goals in society, workplace or family. This insurance product is the risk bearer for women from all walks of life. More than 52% of our total population consists of women so a product like this was only a demand of time and Green Delta launched it addressing the national issue. The word ‘Nibedita’ means a dedicated women and the product lives up to its name by offering unique features to the females.
Current Statistics on Women in Bangladesh:
Despite all the negativities spoken earlier, In Bangladesh the scenario regarding women empowerment and gender equality is still changing at a fast pace. The professions which were unthinkable for women even a few decades back have become a part of the corporate culture.
Women have started making their marks for quite a while now. Women entrepreneurs constitute less than 10% of the total business entrepreneurs. It is noticeable that despite many barriers, a new women entrepreneur class has arisen in the country taking on the challenge to work in a male-dominated, competitive and complex economic and business environment. (Hossain Abir, 2007).
Here’s some vital information according to Economic Policy Paper on Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh:
  • 80% of the RMG workers in our country are women.
  • RMG contribution in GDP: 5% (4% female Contribution)
  • Urban Housewives 24.5%
  • Rural Housewives 18.8%
  • Urban employed 2.5%
  • Rural employed 7.3%
According to the Report on the Bangladesh Literacy Survey, 2010.BBS-
  • 200 thousand women are working abroad
  • 8 Million are working young women ( As of 2010)
  • Women un-employment rate is 5.80% (Previous 7% – 2006)
  • Total women in Job sector- 10.62 Million
  • 9 Million new women are in job sector
What makes Nibedita unique:
The main idea behind Nibedita is that women empowerment is the pre-requisite for socio-economic development of a country. Bangladesh, being a developing country with a consistent growing economy has seen a sharp rise in women being more involved in economic activities in both micro and macro levels. As a result issues such as gender equality and women empowerment, amongst others, are widely discussed. This eventually brought the concept of Nibedita to cater to the needs of women and make them more self-dependent.
Besides the traditional accidental coverage areas, Nibedita does cover few extended areas e.g. trauma allowance in case of rape, road bully, robbery, acid victims. The extended coverage also includes loss or damage to household goods / personal effects due to fire / lightening, riots, storm, typhoon, flood, cyclone and earthquake. It does not, however, cover pre-existing disability; death, injury or disablement arising from actions while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and so on.
Initially launched on a pilot basis in 2013, Nibedita is now officially in the market and attracting a wide array of women from different walks of life. Eminent media personality and successful female entrepreneur Ms. Shomi Kaiser was the first woman to avail this product. Green delta felicitated her with an award for being such an encouraging woman. All the women who availed the policy proudly portray the slogan – I’m a Nibedita in various forms of communication materials. Nibedita provides a maximum coverage of BDT 10,00,000 (Ten Lac) with the minimum net premium of BDT 580 per person (inclusive of VAT) per Lac.
Lives inspired:
So far more than 3000 women have availed the Nibedita scheme to safeguard their future. The policy holders range from University students & housewives to Entrepreneurs, corporates, athletes and artists. A good number of policy holders have already been benefited through this scheme. Former Rotary District Governor and Eminent personality Ms. Safina Rahman, got her claims settled promptly after an unfortunate event took place resulting in missing valuables from her residence, thanks to Nibedita as she was a policy holder.
Another case study shows us that a female worker in Saad Musa Group got compensated after a tragic accident took place and having a Nibedita policy helped her get through the difficult phase of her life.
Going Beyond Insurance & Way Forward:  
Nibedita has gone out to the world outside of Insurance as well. Nibedita has created a One Stop Service for Women Healthcare, Safety and Social needs to stay beside the women who are in actual need of support in any form. A digital platform has been created for the Nibedita Women which will give them access to a better lifestyle, healthcare and most importantly safety through a mobile app. In the Nibedita mobile app there’s a panic button upon pressing which in times of perils a woman can send instant messages to her friends, family and law enforcement agencies.
The concept of Nibedita has been recognized internationally by UN Global Compact and Ms. Farzana Chowdhury has been selected as one of the 10 Local SDG Pioneers for promoting Women’s Economic Security and Gender Equality.
Nibedita is working to bring together women from all walks of life so they can be of help to each other through sharing experiences and best practices.
Farzana Chowdhury
Farzana Chowdhury, Managing Director, Green Delta Insurance
Ms. Farzana Chowdhury, Managing Director and CEO of Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd. elaborates on Nibedita saying, “Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd. has created a platform for growth, corporate governance, youth leadership and specially women empowerment. More than 52% of our population is female today and when it comes to human rights, women are always the ones that get neglected and their rights are frequently violated. Nibedita has been launched keeping the healthcare, safety and social needs of the females of our nation in mind and we are going beyond insurance”.
Green Delta Insurance has deployed a special sales force mostly consisting of women who go from door to door to generate awareness regarding Nibedita as many are still unaware of the significance of having an insurance policy. Besides, promoting it among the females Green Delta gives utmost importance to create awareness among men so they become equally interested in availing the policy for the female members of their family.
Nibedita is working as the voice of the voiceless. It can inspire the oppressed women and act as their partner in need. This product aims at bringing a positive and visible change in the society. With the Nibedita policy women will find strength in their time of perils. Thus Nibedita is playing a vital role in shaping the mindset of the women of Bangladesh to become self-dependent.

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