India’s HDFC Bank has partnered with Senseforth to launch an electronic virtual assistant – Eva – to answer customer queries. Powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) based engine, the chatbot is said to be able to “assimilate knowledge from thousands of sources and provide answers in simple language in less than 0.4 seconds”.
The bank trusts Eva to serve customers better by removing the need to search, browse or call for information about products and services.
It expects Eva to become smarter as it learns through its customer interactions and hopes that the programme would grow to handle real banking transactions in the future.
Nitin Chugh, country head of digital banking at HDFC Bank, says the bank is “the first to embrace AI bots to address day-to-day queries from customers”.
Earlier this year, HDFC Bank introduced its first “humanoid” branch assistant, Ira. The human-sized robot was built together with India-based AI company Asimov Robotics.

Author: FFB

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