ICDL is the most recognised computer certification in the world. Students learn real world skills that enable them to be more productive learners, employees, entrepreneurs and citizens. ICDL can be implemented modularly at any time, making it easy for schools to fit into timetables.

Thousands of schools around the world have implemented ICDL into their curriculum. ICDL provides schools with access to all the resources needed to deliver an ICT curriculum, including exceptional eLearning and 100% external assessment. Schools also enjoy reduced academic rates.

  • Web-based training
  • eLearning
  • Included courseware
  • External assessment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Remote invigilation

An introduction to safe and effective computer use (approximately 10-12 years)

ICDL Smart Digital introduces younger students to the skills they need to use devices correctly, understand how to find and analyse information critically, communicate safely and appropriately with others, and explore their potential through creation and collaboration.

Develop digital skills for life and study (approximately 11-15 years)

The ICDL Digital Student programme develops digital skills for life and study. Each module includes all the resources required, including exceptional age appropriate learning materials. Schools can build an ICT curriculum to suit their needs and schedule. Start with essential computer and online skills and then choose from a broad range of modules designed to promote creativity, collaboration and computational thinking.

Prepare students for the world of work (approximately 14-18 years)

Implement ICDL into the school curriculum to give your students the edge in the modern workplace. At this age, students need to prepare for the next phase in their life and future career. Consider productivity and employability skills from the ICDL Workforce programme. Then move on to more advanced digital skills from the ICDL Professional and ICDL Insights programmes to help your students stand out from the crowd.

ICDL for teachers

Technology provides great opportunities to teachers, both for self-development and in the classroom. Effective integration of technology in teaching can lead to higher student engagement, improved knowledge retention and individual learning, as well as facilitate teamwork and collaboration.

The digital skills that teachers need have long moved on from just being able to use word processing and spreadsheets software. Continuous Professional Development is key to ensuring appropriate digital competences for effective use of ICT in the classroom and to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies.

ICT in Education

ICT in Education is a module developed specifically for teachers and learning professionals, which develops the skills and knowledge required to use ICT resources effectively in a learning environment.

Build your ICDL Profile to suit your interests and teaching needs

ICDL is modular, which means you can choose the modules that best suit your needs. Our programmes offer teachers a wealth of options to ensure you have the digital skills to excel in your teaching career and provide the best learning environment for your students.

Every teacher should be proficient in the ICDL Workforce modules

In addition to essential computer and online skills, all teachers should be skilled in the use of productivity tools, not just because they are the best tools for teaching, but also because they are excellent tools for learning. Whilst office applications are widely used, they are often not used to full effect. In addition, Good Practice modules help to ensure that any technology used is both safe and appropriate for the learning environment.

Consider advanced digital skills to excel in your teaching career

ICDL modules offer a wealth of more advanced digital skills proven beneficial to teachers. Consider ICDL Professional modules such as 2D or 3D Design, to use drawing tools, which, when combined with other productivity tools, are invaluable for spicing up handouts, worksheets and slides. Or maybe ICDL Insights, short courses with exceptional eLearning, to gain conceptual understanding of trending and emerging technology.

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